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My name is Zick, a Singaporean, and i love the world of arthropods, and everything in the ecology and biology. Im better with butterflies and dragonflies, but ill try on any arthropod identification to my best ability

I do not have a formal background in ecology or biology (I studied business) but I have learned about insects from learning from various authors, some little self-study and perpetual curiosity. I am particularly fond of early explorers and their contribution in the scientific world

Inaturalist has expanded my domain and ability to learn, as well as learning more about citizen science. I hope my observation can contribute some way or another, and hope this raises awareness of our tiny little overlook friend

If you would like to use an image of mine for something please let me know what the image is used for. I am trying to keep track of where the picture goes. U can also follow me on instagram @zenitent

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