Who let the Bullrout out?

Bullrout normally live in tidal estuaries and slow-flowing freshwater streams. These two are 'all at sea'.
Dave Harasti uploaded this image of two Bullrout seen on a White Shark BRUV (baited remote underwater video) set on a sandy seabed at a depth of 9 m, off Bennett's Beach, Hawks Nest, New South Wales.
The species is infrequently seen in marine waters so it was a surprise to see them on the video.
Because of the Bullrout's rarity in marine waters, we initially thought that the fish might be a Soldier. After more detailed examination, we concluded that they were Bullrout. The world scorpionfish expert, Dr Hiroyuki Motomura, kindly confirmed our identification. Thank you Hiro-san!
The Bullrout is an Australian endemic species that occurs from northern Queensland to southern New South Wales. The fish in Dave's observation are within the known range of the species.
If you catch one, please handle it with extreme care. The dorsal, anal and pelvic spines all have venom glands. A puncture wound from one of these spines can be excruciatingly painful.
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Interesting article :)

Publicado por henrick hace casi 7 años

Pleased you found it of interest @henrick :)

Publicado por markmcg hace casi 7 años

I agree with your comment about the spines. Soon after arriving in Australia in March 1978, I was waiting for the ferry to cross the Brisbane River to Dutton Park and dropped my keys in the water. I took my shoes off and went paddling in the water to retrieve them and got a very painful 'sting" on the foot. I believe it was a Bullrout - never forgotten.

Publicado por nyoni-pete hace casi 7 años

Ouch! Welcome to Australia! @nyoni-pete :)

Publicado por markmcg hace casi 7 años

Unlucky Nyoni pete... never wade barefoot, most likely of a scorpionfish type if you felt a sting when stepping down - gotta be more careful

Publicado por henrick hace casi 7 años

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