Wow! 1000 members!

Australasian Fishes went online on 4 Oct 2016. Little did we know that in under 4 years, the project would grow to nearly 80,000 observations with contributions by more than 2,400 people.
I'm delighted to announce that we recently welcomed the 1000th member to the project. @kytes is an Australian zoologist with an interest in natural history and enjoys spending time in nature looking for and identifying animals. Kytes stated, "[I am] happy to contribute my observations to science". Kytes has uploaded observations of fishes from Burleigh Heads, Queensland and Port Phillip Bay, Victoria (Smooth Toadfish in the image above). Thank you kytes, we are delighted to welcome you to our community.
As you can see from the graph above (click it for a larger version), the growth in membership is encouraging. In fact, in the few weeks it has taken me to get my act into gear and write this short piece, another 17 iNaturalist users have joined Australasian Fishes.
"Why don't all contributors join?" I hear you ask. The reasons are many. Often observations are made by holidaymakers who only have an image or two of fishes to contribute. Sometimes the person has an interest in another group of animals and a fish happened to be photographed along with 'the animal of interest'. These observations can provide interesting information about the prey items of birds. I suspect that there are also quite a few people who upload an observation to 'test the water', but for one reason or another don't follow up.
So, to all of you 1000 people who have 'followed up', thank you. Together we have created a hugely valuable resource that continues to grow. :)
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Amazing work Mark, those members are from your hard work and dedication. Next stop 2500 species!

Publicado por thebeachcomber hace alrededor de 4 años

Thanks for your kind words @thebeachcomber, but as you know, it's a team effort. Thanks to all. :)

Publicado por markmcg hace alrededor de 4 años

Thanks @markmcg and to all behind the scene that makes iNaturalist work for us.

Publicado por rick-ludd hace alrededor de 4 años

Very nice to see a graph that isn't of cases of The Virus!!!! Well done everyone.

Publicado por val_la_may hace alrededor de 4 años

Our very great pleasure @rick-ludd.

Publicado por markmcg hace alrededor de 4 años

Ha! @val_la_may I was actually going to mention COVID-19 in the blog, either in reference to the graph, or just to wish everyone well, but decided against it. :) Maybe that was a wise decision. :)

Publicado por markmcg hace alrededor de 4 años

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