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I love it when an image on Australasian Fishes is requested for use in a scientific paper. Recently Dr Kevin Conway, Associate Professor/Curator of Fishes at Texas A&M University, requested the use of one of Daan Hoffmann’s images.
The image (above left) shows an Orange Clingfish, Diplocrepis puniceus, a New Zealand endemic species that occurs in shallow temperate marine waters often in rockpools. It is usually observed under rocks or boulders in sheltered areas where it feeds on small crustaceans, molluscs and fishes.
Kevin requested the photo for use on a multi-species plate in a paper about the evolution and relationships of clingfishes of the world. View a video of Kevin collecting clingfishes.
Daan works as the Collections Photographer at the Auckland Museum (view an image of Daan at work). The photograph on the right, above, shows Daan diving with his camera setup. Daan now lives in New Zealand but was born in the Netherlands. He’s lived in a number of places, including Malaysia and Australia before landing in New Zealand.
Daan has been diving since 2013, when he undertook a marine studies course at the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic in an effort to inform/combine his photography with a fascination for underwater life. The course included a diving component, and before long Daan had acquired an underwater camera setup. Most of his diving since has been around Tauranga.
Daan has been working for Auckland Museum since October 2017, initially as Documentary Heritage Photographer digitizing the library's collections then into his current role in the main photography team which sees him working across all of the museum's collections.
As I said, I'm delighted to see Australasian Fishes Project members contributing to the advancement of science. I'm sure we'll see more if this in the future.
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@markmcg That's great news!

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I feel honored any time a researcher reaches out wanting to ask about my observations, or for more information helping them locating something they are studying. I would love it if my photos were up to that grade. Of course I would like to know first. I have a few obs of orange clingfish, but nothing underwater, just from rockpools. They are a cool creature to find at low tides. Good stuff on the publication.

Publicado por sebastiandoak hace casi 4 años

Nice post, and well done Daan. This highlights the value of iNaturalist observations from all walks of life!

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Agreed @jacqui-nz :)

Publicado por markmcg hace casi 4 años

Really great news, and something which any contributor can accomplish, so keep those photos coming in. Well done Daan.

Publicado por harryrosenthal hace casi 4 años

Congrats :)

Publicado por ihunter hace casi 4 años

Wow- Congratulations mate that's fantastic!

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