A few Tanzanian observations

I spent about 15 months in Tanzania between 2008 and 2011 collecting data for my Ph.D. Most of that time was in the Amani Nature Reserve in NE Tanzania, but I managed to visit a handful of other places in the country (not nearly as many as I would have liked!). I've posted a handful of photos from my first trip in 2008.

(jakob, these are especially for you since you've been asking me to share more for at least 2 years now!)

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Great additions, Carrie! Are you aware of having direct access to Flickr pages if the accounts are linked? I've left 2 invitations on your excellent sengi observations:

And if you have more bat pictures, please share them with AfriBats! Cheers, Jakob

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Thanks for reminding me about those, Jakob! The hangup on my camera trap pics is that I have to look up where I saw them because those photos aren't geotagged (yet). I suppose I could at least share them and put a REALLY wide radius on them that encompasses the possible areas. I'm also thinking of archiving ALL of my camera trap photos with Cam-WON (http://wildlifeobserver.net/photos).

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