Day 19 Its Desperate Out There Today

.4, North Deering Portland. Freezing rain all day without wind. Everything is slippery and coated with a crust of ice. Came upon a flock of at least 150 robins. Very restless. Some were feeding on crab apples, but the supply was scant, and it looked like the tree had been hit earlier in the day because there was fruit on the ground over the crusted snow. The flock was calling, and soon took of in a whirl to the northeast. Saw one smaller bird traveling with them, an apparent eastern bluebird. Two or three minutes later a sharp shinned hawk strafed the neighborhood, without apparent success. I wonder if he was the source of some of the robin's agitation.

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Mirlo Primavera (Turdus migratorius)




Febrero 16, 2021 a las 02:30 TARDE EST


restlessly seeking food during ice storm


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