Identify fishes with Computer Vision

Have you used iNaturalist’s Computer Vision technology? If so, you may be interested to read about how it works, its history and timeline at If not, you’re in for a treat.
All you need to do to have Computer Vision identify the fish in your observation is to click on the ‘Suggest an Identification’ tab (see 1, above) then click in the ‘Species name’ box (see 2, above). Computer Vision will return a list of likely species based on resemblance and locality as shown above. Click on "include suggestions not seen nearby" to widen your search parameters.
If you would like to identify a fish (or any organism for that matter) but don’t want to upload the observation, try the Computer Vision demo.
I take my hat off to the team at iNaturalist for developing Computer Vision and for making iNat the fantastic platform we all enjoy.
Publicado el mayo 3, 2021 11:45 TARDE por markmcg markmcg


It is very effective - brilliant

Publicado por johnsear hace casi 3 años

I definitely agree with you @johnsear.

Publicado por markmcg hace casi 3 años

It is very effective but I have also noticed over the years that it is constantly improving.

Publicado por tonydiver hace casi 3 años

Agreed. The more observations and members contributing the better it gets. Thank you @tonydiver. :)

Publicado por markmcg hace casi 3 años

Does it only work for fish?

Publicado por val_la_may hace casi 3 años

Hi @val_la_may. It should work for any lifeform but it works best for lifeforms with more observations. The bigger the database of images to compare with, the better it works.

Publicado por markmcg hace casi 3 años

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