Discovering Nature East of the River with the City Nature Challenge

Join us tomorrow for a City Nature Challenge conversation. Tue, April 6, 2021, 7:00 PM – 8:15 PM EDT (Online event), register here:

Washington DC’s neighborhoods East of the Anacostia River have some of the most amazing nature in the DC region. Think Anacostia River, aquatic gardens, beautiful parks, historic estates, a grove of legacy cherry blossom trees, and our neighborhoods and backyards. These spaces not only make our communities more livable, they host an abundance of plant and animal life.

If you are interested to learn more about East of the River nature and enjoy a bit of exploration, we invite you to join us for an introduction to the City Nature Challenge. The Challenge is a worldwide citizen science event that invites residents of cities to make observations of wild plants, animals, and even fungi. Our discoveries will help scientists collect important information about wildlife—and shed light on the nature around us in the DMV.

This program will offer an introduction to the City Nature Challenge, natural areas East of the River to explore, and opportunities to get involved. The City Nature Challenge takes place between April 30th and May 9th.

Organizations participating in the City Nature Challenge East of the River in Washington DC include: Capital Nature, Friends of Oxon Run, Friends of Kingman and Heritage Islands, Friends of Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, Ward 8 Woods, Outdoor Afro DMV, Clean Water Action Chesapeake, DC Department of Parks and Recreation, DDOT Urban Forestry Division, Anacostia Watershed Society, Casey Trees and Urban Adventure Squad.

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