Verifiers needed for Cardiff, Newport and Gwent's first City Nature Challenge - 30 April - 8 May.

Calling all power users @tiggrx @bobwardell @roby in the Cardiff, Newport and Gwent Area. Do you want to be involved in the first City Nature Challenge event for our area? Can you help check our City Nature Challenge 2021 observations between 30 April - 8 May, to correct any obvious identification mistakes or flag an observation as being ‘captive or cultivated’. This will help remove non-wild species (such as pets and houseplants) from the data set when they use it for research. You will help improve the quality of data in iNaturalist for research use, help iNaturalist learn correct identifications and help other users improve their ID skills. It would be great to have you on board.

The Giving Nature a Home in Cardiff project is working with friends across South Wales to represent Cardiff, Newport and the Gwent Levels in this year’s City Nature Challenge 30 April - 3 May. We see iNaturalist as a great tool to engage more people in biological recording but we know we also need to make sure the data we collect is as accurate as possible so it has value to science and nature conservation.

This project is a collaboration between RSPB, Buglife, Cardiff Council, Wildlife Trusts, the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff Harbour Authority and Cardiff University. Find out more about resources, activities and events running over the City Nature Challenge weekend:

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