in the thick of identification...

Thanks to you all for wholeheartedly embracing the crazy idea of doing a bio-blitz at the beginning of May in Winnipeg. The 'official' tallies wont be taken until May 9th so if you have some straggler observations to upload there is still time. Its great to see the all hands to the pump approach to identification too!

Over at global CNC central, they are very happy to see that 1 million observation target exceeded already by a comfortable margin. In Canada, the current 48,000 plus number provides a reasonable expectation that next years CNC Canada numbers should break through the 50,000 ceiling - we do like those round number targets. they make such a satisfying swooch sound as all those zeros fall apart.

More later...

Publicado por marykrieger marykrieger, 06 de mayo de 2021


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