Thank you all for another successful Anacostia Bioblitz!

Good morning everyone!

I would like to thank you all: partners, volunteers, observers and identifiers for another successful #Anacostiabioblitz! We had over 70 people at our public events (I have to confirm this number). We had great attendance at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens and it looks like people had a great time learning about plants, mushrooms and critters.

Here's a preliminary summary from iNaturalist:

Number of observations: 2,571 (last year 2,668).
Number of species (taxa): 867 (873 last year).
Number of observers: 339, a record for our bioblitz (214 last year).
Number of identifiers: 216 (288 last year).
Also we have a record number of species observed for reptiles, fish, molluscs, arachnids, and insects.

Kudos to the top observers: @jmgconsult @onertwons @stephen220 @dossification @carrieseltzer @snowmie700 @sara_tangren @karin3513 and @sercfisheries and the top identifiers: @abookb @jmgconsult @mmmmbugs @billhubick @nana10 @erininmd @carrieseltzer @nauer1 @uconnbirdfish @sara_tangren and @ophiogomphus

We will announce the official results next week. On Wednesday evening we will host a Zoom ID party at 7 pm: I just sent an invitation.

Also, we have bioblitz shirts in our pop up shop:



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