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My cell phone with GPS tracking app died while I was on the trail, so no GPS data was recorded. What a pain to go back to the old way of guesstimating the location of each observation!

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Hi Anne,

I'm a Bay Area journalist who's interested in the story of the Pacific Newts around Lexington Reservoir and how you began the movement to record what's happening so that mitigation might be implemented. Would you be willing to speak to me and be featured in a story at a national outlet?

If so, it would be wonderful if you could reply to this comment with your email address so I can contact you directly or email me at

(and so sorry for contacting you this way! It's the only contact I could find for you and inaturalist won't let me send you a direct message because I've just joined).

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Hi Shoshi,
I sent you our 4-year summary report about the newt roadkill situation at Lexington Reservoir via email.
Here is the main project with lots of subprojects below it. You should be able to access all the subprojects from here:

The link to the current subproject is below. Already this season, 792 dead newts have been recorded.

I'm no longer active in the project. It's just too depressing that the powers-that-be won't do anything to stop the carnage. However, I'm more than willing to answer any questions you have.

If you're interested in joining the project or interviewing the active team member, please contact Dr. Merav Vonshak (@merav). She is leading the team and she's incredibly talented and empassioned about saving the newts.

All the best,
Anne Parsons

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