2021, what a year!

Budawang Coast Atlas of Life has had quite a year! Suffice to day, fires and Covid dominated the landscape and affected all of us in one way or another. BCAL continued to grow and held many successful events through the year, both face to face and on Zoom. We also changed our name and moved to the recording platform, iNaturalist.

We now have 150 project members in iNat, 47,400 observations (records), 4,625 species and 1,400 observers. We really need more identifiers though. About 30% of records still require identification to reach research grade and be included in the national biodiversity database, the Atlas of Living Australia. Have a go at identifying. It's about learning under the guidance of those with more knowledge, and having fun.

In 2022, the BCAL committee intends to coordinate more educational and participatory events across our region. Look out for an event near you. Heads up - there will be a Bioblitz held in Murramarang National Park over the March long weekend.

Have a happy festive season and catch you next year.

best wishes,
BCAL Management Committtee

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Fantastic achievements and it was great having you all part of the #GSB2021!

Hope to see you part of the event next year!

Publicado por saltmarshsteve hace más de 2 años

Thanks stephen169 https://www.inaturalist.org/people/1178757 we hope to grow our contributions for the #GSB2022

Publicado por barv hace más de 2 años

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