Fall BioBlitz in the Anacostia Watershed October 20 - October 23

The Anacostia Watershed Society is sponsoring a fall bioblitz this year, from Thursday, October 20 to Sunday, October 23. If you have been meaning to take a walk in Greenbelt Park, take in the last lotus blooms at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, visit the Northwest Branch Stream Valley Park or Little Paint Branch Park, or enjoy the National Arboretum? Is there a special spot that you regularly visit to take in the sights and sounds of nature? The Anacostia Watershed is home to an incredible amount of species, and it takes a village to get out there and document them all. Please consider capturing some observations and sharing them with iNaturalist.

What’s a BioBlitz?
The BioBlitz concept, developed by the National Park Service and popularized by National Geographic, is a crowd-sourced biological survey organized in a particular place during a specific window of time, often as a collaboration with professional scientists. While wildlife biologists may closely monitor the number and location of some animals, their work tends to be concerned only with individuals of a specific species – say, of elk or chestnut populations. By contrast, BioBlitz counts are crowd-sourced, unofficial and impressively broad inventories of how many different species are spotted, and help us tune in to the wonderous biodiversity (variety of life forms, or species richness) in our part of the mid-Atlantic.

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