Mystery Singapore Giant Pill Millipede Beauty

Most Giant Pill Millipedes are pretty dull colored and not super garish. But there's one that people are posting from around Singapore that has stunningly beautiful colors.

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I would love, love, love to put a name to this species. I've been collecting observations of it (all identified at the family level) here.

If you know anyone who can help identify this, please comment below. This appears to be the species shown in Figure 1 on Page 4 of Peter Decker's ANNOTATED CHECKLIST OF THE MILLIPEDES (DIPLOPODA) AND CENTIPEDES (CHILOPODA) OF SINGAPORE, but ironically they don't label what the species is in that photo.

Its likely to be one of these four candidates listed for Singapore in the same checklist (each of which I can't find much in terms of field characters on the internet):
Zephronia floweri
Sphaeropoeus malaccanus
Tigridosphaera evansi
Tigridosphaera bimaculata

There's some great photos of it that I found here

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Very cool!

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