Late Notice: 'Using Sanctuaries to Restore Degraded Ecosystems' online Thur 9 Feb 7-8pm

Presentation to NPA NSW meeting by Neville Barrett, Marine Science Research Fellow, University of Tasmania
'Using Sanctuaries to Restore Degraded Ecosystems' - Thursday 9 February 7-8pm online
Neville’s research has helped to improve our understanding of marine life and ecosystems in the temperate reef systems on the East Coast of Australia. He will share examples of how we can best design marine sanctuaries to protect important predators, such as the lobster, to keep our underwater world healthy.

He will explore how marine parks can help inform understanding and management of urchin barrens? What causes barrens and are they natural? Why are they where they are? What can/should we do about them? How do they impact biodiversity and ecosystem function?

This presentation will be very educational for all levels of knowledge and particularly relevant to those attending Nature Coast Marine Group's S.O.S. Paddle Out on 12 March at Narooma.

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