“Nesting birds - their haunts and habits” Tues 28 February 7pm, Jamberoo

IBOC veteran and master bird photographer Peter Fackender will present “Nesting birds - their haunts and habits” at this month’s Jamberoo CWA Nature talk. Featuring fascinating photos and video captured during more than 50 years as a bird photographer, Peter will be sharing tips on how to take good bird photos.

Details: 7pm Tuesday, 28 February, in the Jamberoo Youth Hall (directly behind IGA).
Admission $5 for adults, school age children free, includes light refreshments. No bookings required.

Peter has studied and photographed more than 450 birds in every part of Australia, including some of the most remote and inhospitable areas. For much of that time he carried scaffolding in his ute to erect 11 metre-high towers next to trees with bird’s nests. He would climb to the top every morning and spend the day photographing nestlings and their parents, sometimes for days on end. His rarest photograph is of a Grey Falcon which he found 100 km east of Birdsville.

So what makes a good bird photographer?
“The ability to blend in so you become part of the surroundings and so become invisible to birds,” says Peter. “And you need patience and more patience.”

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