Exploring the Protected Areas across our City

Data collected in each of the reserves/ protected areas contribute to the management of the City's protected areas. iNat observations ensure that the reserve's species lists are constantly updated.
This CNC, consider exploring 1 (or more) of nature's beautiful sites that have been proclaimed as nature reserves.

Here's a list of protected areas/ reserves from North to South of our city:
North: Inanda Dam, Sibaya Coastal, Umhlanga Lagoon, Virginia Bush, Beachwood Mangroves, Burman Bush

Central: UKZN Umsinsi, Pigeon Valley, Bayhead Natural Heritage site, Roosefontein, North Park,

South: Kenneth Stainbank, Silverglen Bluff/Happy Valley, Treasure Beach, Ilanda Wilds, Empisini

Outer West: Shongweni, Giba Gorge, Ipithi, Springside, Kranzkloof, New Germany, Marinawood, Palmiet, Paradise Valley, UKZN Westville

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