Red List Project

Please join this Red List umbrella project and its sub-projects as well to alert you of species of conservation concern (Red List species). If you join them then the projects will automatically show alongside under "Projects" the moment you have a positive ID.
To join, click here. south-african-red-list-plants-and-animals (the join option is in the upper right hand corner). There are several projects showing the specific Red List categories - if you want the actual Red List status to display, please join all these projects. It will take about 5 minutes but is a worthwhile investment for future observations. Click on each project in the list (use your mouse wheel to open them in new tabs) and join them.
Note that the observation joins the relevant project automatically whether you join or not. This is about it displaying alongside under Projects on your observations.

Please also trust the administrators (the CREW and Red List team) with your hidden coordinates, so that they can easily review Red List status with immediate and accurate data. You will be notified and given a chance to reconsider if any of the admin or filters on the project are changed.

It is a very worthwhile investment of 5 minutes.

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