Time to start assisting with ID's

We need to clear the Unknowns for starters:


The link includes observations across KZN (eThekwini, South Coast, PMB/Midlands, iLembe, Zululand).

Please only identify those that you know to family or finer level.
Don't waste your time with "Plants" - you need to get it to grasses, or peas, or daisies.
Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish, Insects, Spiders, and such are perfectly fine. As is fungus or lichen.
Go as detailed as you can, but at this stage just push them as fast as you can to a low level: don't worry about checking the field guides at this stage, we will come to those in a day or two.

Don't forget to FAVE any exciting observation that you come across

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