Another new Goby in Sydney Harbour

If you saw the last journal post you might think you were having a Déjà vu. It features the same diver, (@eschlogl), the same family of fishes, (Gobiidae), and another range extension and new record for Sydney Harbour.
This time however the subject of the journal post is a Redspotted Shrimpgoby, Amblyeleotris ogasawarensis. According to the Australian Faunal Directory, in Australia, the species occurs from Lizard Island (14°40'S) to One Tree Island (23°30'S), Queensland. Erik's observation at Camp Cove, Watsons Bay, was made over 1100 kilometres south of this.
If you are planning to dive at Camp Cove please keep a lookout for this fish. It would be interesting to see if it survives the cooler water temperatures over winter.
Thank you to goby expert Dr Doug Hoese for confirming the identification of the fish.
Keep up the great work Erik! :)
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Again, excellent work Erik. Real exploration! Looks like I need a stronger magnifying glass.

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