Y-bar Shrimpgoby - a huge range extension for a small fish

The recent observation of a Y-bar Shrimpgoby, Cryptocentrus fasciatus, in Sydney Harbour, marks a significant range extension for this small fish species. The goby was photographed by John Sear, (@johnsear), in Manly, making it the first documented sighting of the species in Sydney Harbour.
The Y-bar Shrimpgoby is a small fish species that occurs in tropical Indo-west Pacific waters. It is characterized by having five brown y-shaped bars on the body and blue spots or dashes on the head and body.
John's observation of a Y-bar Shrimpgoby in Sydney Harbour represents a massive range extension for the species. Until now the accepted southern limit to distribution of the species was believed to be One Tree Island, Queensland (23°30'S). View the Australian Faunal Directory.
Goby expert, Dr Doug Hoese, examined the observation and confirmed it to show the xanthic phase of Cryptocentrus fasciatus. He acknowledged the possibility of confusion with another species, the Bluelined Shrimpgoby, Cryptocentrus bulbiceps.
This discovery marks John Sear's third observation of a species previously undocumented in Sydney Harbour. His keen eye and dedication to documenting marine life have proven instrumental in expanding our knowledge of the local biodiversity.
This observation highlights yet again the importance of citizen science in contributing to our knowledge of marine biodiversity. The collaboration between underwater photographers and scientists who provide expert identifications showcases the power of community involvement in advancing scientific knowledge.
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