Bees of Minnesota checklist published!

Exciting news! We reached a big milestone in bee research in Minnesota and have published the checklist of the bees of Minnesota in the journal Zootaxa (

Also I have put a copy of the paper on researchgate for people who don't have access to Zootaxa:

In it, we documented 508 species in the state. It was a lot of work and many people contributed, especially the fine folks from the MNDNR. There are still a lot of gaps in our knowledge and many areas that need more research, but this is a really good first step.

Publicado el junio 16, 2023 04:46 TARDE por zportman zportman


Excellent! Your hard work is greatly appreciated!

Publicado por krmenzel hace 9 meses

We are excited! Congratulations

Publicado por wildwestnature hace 9 meses

Thank you very much.

Publicado por kimcwren hace 9 meses

How exciting!!! Thanks for sharing!

Publicado por e_ostrowski hace 9 meses

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