Observation Reminders

Hope everyone is enjoying the start of the mushroom season! A couple reminders when adding mushroom observations to iNaturalist. Pictures of all parts of the fungi are often required, as are pictures or information on its habitat, such as type of tree it is growing on or beside. When making observations please double check the location and accuracy of your observation. Accuracy under 500m is required for inclusion in the Atlas project. A guide on what to keep in mind when you make an observation:

We will be participating in two mycoblitz's this year, one in August and one in October. I will provide more details as we get closer, but looking to hear from anyone interesting in helping. Observations will be made to iNaturalist during the time period and we will need to collect specimens for many, dehydrate them, and then send away for DNA sequencing. Let me know if you have a dehydrator you can use to dry mushrooms, or if you live close you can drop it off. This is a great opportunity to document our diversity.

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