November - South Florida - Nature Calendar

November - South Florida - Nature Calendar

Bald Eagles here

Chirping Baby Alligators

Fall Mullet Run ending around the 11th

Eastern Indigo Snakes breed from Oct-Feb. During this time the
snakes are found in sandhills and, although this is the peak of
winter, indigo snakes are active at temps (50-60 F) that are
typically too cool for other snake species.

Nov at the Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge: Hurricanes occasionally approaching from the west side of the state in the fall will enhance the sightings of passerines such as Blackburnian Brewster’s, blue-winged, ceruleans, and chestnut-sided warblers. Pied billed grebes have migrated in for the winter and are easily observed in the impoundments. When they arrive they tend to stay in tight feeding groups, but soon disperse and forage individually. Northern wintering migrants continue to arrive to increase our year-round resident bird numbers. Some of these are palm warblers, grey catbirds, blue grey gnatcatchers, great-crested flycatcher, blue jays, northern cardinals, and white-eyed vireos. Bobcat kittens can be seen with their mother occasionally. River otters are observed regularly. Hundreds of tree swallows can occasionally be seen over the impoundments. Wintering waders are foraging in many locations and can be observed easily.

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