Tentative field key for Pardosa milvina group in Texas

Here's what I'll be testing out in the coming year (ventral views required!):

P. milvina group in Texas key:

  1. black sternum
    _2. relatively short-snouted, lack of distinction between outer carapace band, outer band may be delineated
    by distribution of pale hairs. Pardosa milvina
    2. abdomen usually with distinct 4-spot abdomen pattern, carapace submarginal band distinct with more or
    less continuous, irregular, dark stripe, male with small pale mark near back of carapace: Pardosa saxatilis

  2. pale yellow sternum
    _3. carapace submarginal band distinct with more or less continuous dark stripe; abdomen with
    outlined cardiac mark, medial band composed of large pale eye spots; Pardosa pauxilla
    3. carapace submarginal band bright with few or no dark marks
    _____4. abdomen with yellow medial band, sometimes composed of large eyespots, lateral band black
    with white spots: Pardosa delicatula
    ____4. carapace submarginal band may have a pair of dark tick marks, abdomen without yellow medial
    band: Pardosa atlantica

Key probably most effective for juveniles and females. P. littoralis is excluded. It has a different appearance and can usually be separated
by its brackish habitat where it rarely co-mingles with the other species.

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