What does ChatGPT say about the Australasian Fishes Project?

ChatGPT is all the rage at the moment. On a whim, I asked it to "tell me about the iNaturalist Australasian Fishes Project". Below was the response.

  • The iNaturalist Australasian Fishes Project is a citizen science initiative that aims to document and identify fish species found in the Australasian region, which includes Australia, New Zealand, and surrounding areas. iNaturalist is a platform where individuals can upload observations of plants and animals, and the Australasian Fishes Project specifically focuses on fish species.

  • The project encourages people, including divers, snorkelers, fishermen, and other nature enthusiasts, to contribute their fish observations by uploading photos and providing relevant information such as location and date. These observations are then shared with a community of experts and enthusiasts who collaborate to identify and verify the species. This collective effort helps build a comprehensive and accurate database of fish species in the region.

  • The iNaturalist Australasian Fishes Project serves multiple purposes, including scientific research, conservation efforts, and public education. It helps scientists and researchers gain valuable data on fish distributions, habitats, and species diversity. It also raises awareness about the importance of fish conservation and the ecological significance of the region's aquatic ecosystems. Additionally, it provides a platform for people to learn about fish species, connect with other nature enthusiasts, and contribute to ongoing scientific efforts.

  • Overall, the iNaturalist Australasian Fishes Project plays a vital role in promoting citizen science and enhancing our understanding of the fish biodiversity in the Australasian region.

I couldn't have said it better myself. :)
In case you were wondering, the image was created by typing 'fish with diver using computer' into DALL.E
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Nice. I will have to ask what it knows about the Entomological Society of Victoria.

Publicado por a_kurek hace 12 meses

That’s a pretty good summary!

Publicado por lucyinthesea hace 12 meses

Give it a go @a_kurek. For fun ask it what it knows about the Entomological Society of Victoria in casual/informal language. It's a riot!

Publicado por markmcg hace 12 meses

I thought so too @lucyinthesea. ChatGPT is an amazing tool. A friend told me recently that he asked it to compile a covering letter for a job application. He scored an interview.

Publicado por markmcg hace 12 meses

Mark, out of curiosity, what does "surrounding areas" mean in relation to Australasian Fishes? Are you able to list the surrounding countries which would be included? I'm guessing Indonesia is out, but....?????

Publicado por dentrock hace 12 meses

Hi @dentrock. The Australasian Fishes Project covers all of Australia and New Zealand, including all territories.

Publicado por markmcg hace 12 meses

Thanks Mark. I'd rate the AI text as a small fail in that area then, as "surrounding areas" can imply some of Australia and New Zealand's smaller neighbours; cf "territories", which does not.

Publicado por dentrock hace 12 meses

Good point @dentrock :)

Publicado por markmcg hace 12 meses

Apparently AI didn't feel like giving you any credit for the project. Pretty funny.

Publicado por harryrosenthal hace 12 meses

Nor you @harryrosenthal for the many member profiles you have written! :)

Publicado por markmcg hace 12 meses

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