06 de febrero de 2023


Welcome to the Bright Leaf Preserve iNaturalist project. This project seeks to catalog the evolution of the habitat restoration efforts taking place on the Bright Leaf Preserve, as well as the results of those efforts in terms of fauna that visit, and flora that appear without cultivation. Those seeking membership in this project are welcome to send a message to the username "gardenhen" asking to be invited to the project; please include a short note about your connection to the Bright Leaf Preserve (i.e. regular volunteer, staff, etc.).

Members are encouraged to upload any observations of interest, especially sightings of the "first bloom" in spring, appearance of fruit/seeds, invasive species, incidence of stress, etc. Please upload observations of new plants being planted on the Preserve. When you see an insect or animal enjoying the habitat provided on the Preserve, upload those observations too.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the "terms & rules" of the Project, especially those concerning geoprivacy and the designation (or not) of taxa as cultivated/captured.

Thank you for helping preserve a record of the ongoing work of Bright Leaf Preserve!

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