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15 de abril de 2023


We are using the DAFOR scale.

This can be subjective, however, guidance generally followed by recorders is to under record using the DAFOR scale.


We found the scale adaptation noted by this group here: https://botanykaren.net/2021/07/31/dominant-abundant-frequent-occasional-or-rare/#:~:text=The%20final%20lists%20were%20broken%20down,Dominant%2C%20Abundant%2C%20Frequent%2C%20Occasional%20and%20Rare.&text=The%20final%20lists%20were,Frequent%2C%20Occasional%20and%20Rare.&text=lists%20were%20broken%20down,Dominant%2C%20Abundant%2C%20Frequent%2C%20Occasional

Locally not advised to be added to the DAFOR scale, with N used for regular comparison between 2 sites.

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