Yesterday was brutal, but we can still do this!

After the high of Saturday, racking up over 8000 observations with over 500 people contributing at least one observation, the incessant rain yesterday meant we didn't do so well. We barely crossed 2000 observations and only 181 people participated, making yesterday our worst day in the CNC. This allowed Dallas to make up a 1000 observation deficit and pull into 5th place, and they currently hold a 2k observation edge over us. Can't blame you though. The weather was not nice at all. Wet and chilly weather isn't good iNatting weather - neither my phone or my camera can handle that well.

This is our last day of the 2020 CNC's observation phase. New Zealand have less than an hour left, we have a bit more. The weather is not ideal again, it's cold and damp out, but hopefully not as bad as yesterday with non-stop rain. I'm hoping we can rack up those huge numbers again today. Another 8000 observation day will put us in good stead to pull back that 5th place spot (maybe even higher?). Good luck out there today, everybody!

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If it was sunny, I could get a lot of those missing species on the chart! I am soon to head out again.

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Yeah, just one sunny day out of the 4 is not ideal. I can't even find the insects I found in January right now. At this point, I'm just trying to rack up observations since very few insects are out. I'm trying to take pictures of every new plant, lichen, and mushroom at each location. Won't help our species count, but we might be able to break into the top 5 for observations.

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Shame the weather didn't cooperate. I still have pics from Sat. to upload. I may be caught up by the weekend!

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