Taxonomic Swap 101164 (Guardado el 08/11/2021)

Reptile Database: 21 December 2019 (Referencia)
| Comprometido por loarie el 08 de noviembre de 2021
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This swap is simply incorrect! Trimeresurus rubeus is part of the Trimeresurus sensu stricto clade together with T. albolabris, T. macrops etc. - absolutely not part of Craspedocephalus

Publicado por wolfgang_wuster hace 11 meses (Marca)

OK, I see this came from the latest Reptile Database update. I have contacted Peter Uetz to get this corrected (I am on their Scientific Advisory Board). But perhaps this does suggest that we should allow a cooling-off period (e.g., at least until the following RDb update) and discussion before implementing changes like this after their initial implementation in the database.

Publicado por wolfgang_wuster hace 11 meses (Marca)

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