Atención: Algunas o todas las identificaciones afectadas por esta división puede haber sido reemplazada por identificaciones de Lupinus. Esto ocurre cuando no podemos asignar automáticamente una identificación a uno de los taxa de salida. Revisar identificaciones de Lupinus microcarpus densiflorus 57058

Taxonomic Split 110826 (Guardado el 10/06/2022)

As per POWO and ITIS, Lupinus microcarpus var. densiflorus (Benth.) Jeps. is a synonym of L. densiflorus Benth:

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I'm committing this change as it's accepted by iNat's taxonomic authorities on plants [POWO, COL] and fixes the current standing of there being 2 active taxa for the same one taxon.

I hadn't seen this problem before 2022 but a lot of recent plant splits are being done by just adding the new full species without swapping/inactivating the old taxon, leaving 2 active taxa on iNat for the same thing.

Thanks @jeremygilmore!

Publicado por cgbc hace alrededor de 2 años

A taxon change like this one should only have one output taxon rather than the species and one of its infraspecies. It seems to have bumped some IDs all the way up to genus instead of species and may need to be reverted by staff.


Publicado por bouteloua hace alrededor de 2 años

Yes, you're right; in going through all IDs that were updated, it bumped most Canadian identifications to genus-level, though all USA identifications however were swapped correctly. I've manually IDed all of the Canadian observations that were bumped back to genus to the sole L. densiflorus variety present (var. densiflorus). I think this may have been an Atlas issue; no USA identifications were bumped to genus (all correctly to L. densiflorus), and not all Canadian observations were affected.

Publicado por cgbc hace alrededor de 2 años

Eish, my bad. I went through those Canadian observations from around Victoria and helped push them up to Lupinus densiflorus var. densiflorus, so they're all fixed now.

Publicado por jeremygilmore hace alrededor de 2 años

unfortunately many people's identifications were altered so it probably would have been better to have staff revert the change.

it also looks like the rest of the taxon changes still need to be completed

Publicado por bouteloua hace alrededor de 2 años

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