Taxonomic Swap 129828 (Guardado el 20/10/2023)

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I agree with this swap and there's a blog article describing taxonomical questions on Eragrostis tenella/Eragrostis amabilis by Chinese(traditional). (

Publicado por naturalist9238 hace 9 meses

According to POWO E. amabilis is synonymous with E. viscosa. Is there any source to clarify this situation?

Publicado por oscargsol hace 8 meses


It's a stupid lectotype issue. The name E. amabilis has been misapplied on iNat and much of the world and does not apply to E. viscosa.

Publicado por kevinfaccenda hace 8 meses

Correct! I take note of this.

Publicado por oscargsol hace 8 meses

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