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A longstanding issue. See flag 335248.

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We might want to pause and watch this space. To quote Wikipedia: "However, recent DNA-based phylogenetic studies support recognition of Mahonia, though after the removal of several species into the newly-described genera Alloberberis (formerly Mahonia section Horridae) and Moranothamnus (formerly Mahonia claireae)".

Yu, Chih-Chieh; Chung, Kuo-Fang (2017-12-22). "Why Mahonia? Molecular recircumscription of Berberis s.l., with the description of two new genera, Alloberberis and Moranothamnus". Taxon. 66 (6): 1371–1392. doi:10.12705/666.6

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I haven't edited that wikipedia article, but a good deal of the text regarding that paper on the Berberis page is mine. Here, we had already moved all but two species, so swapping the genus was largely a formality. POWO hasn't (yet?) accepted the results from that paper, and I have research interests in the group so I won't tip my hand just yet.

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