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Type species of the genus Cerioporus, so if that genus is accepted, this species must be in it. Support for the genus is good. See,, and

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Although long-known under the name Polyporus squamosus the evidence seems to be quite strong that the species does not belong in Polyporus and should be recognised in Cerioporus.

ZMITROVICH, I.V. & A.E. KOVALENKO 2016. Lentinoid and polyporoid fungi, two generic conglomerates containing important medicinal
mushrooms in molecular perspective. – Int. J. Medicinal Mushrooms. 18: 23–38.

(from cooperj)

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Thank you so much for confirming the change . This was quite an amazing thing to see in the forest. There were several other smaller ones on the same tree. I love learning about new things in nature from Inaturalist and very smart people like you!

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