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A Cumulative Checklist for the Lichen... (Referencia)
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The citation given does not mention any change from Lobaria to ricasola for quercizans. It's a checklist.

Is there a peer reviewed citation for this requested change?

Publicado por bradtoms hace más de 4 años

The north American Lichen Checklist is the taxonomic authority on iNaturalist for lichens (from North America). It often cites both reports for lichens occurring in North America, and taxonomic works for name changes. Under Ricasolia, it cites two papers:
Esslinger didn't take up all changes suggested by that first paper; Anomalobaria, without which Lobaria s. str. has no support, he includes in Lobaria. Dendriscosticta and Ricasolia are accepted, though.

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Thx for the papers.

Publicado por bradtoms hace más de 4 años

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