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09 de abril de 2024

March 2024 - Philippines

9-16 March 2024 Samar, Biliran and Leyte.

These four exquisite endemic butterflies were my targets when I set out to explore the central Philippines: Delias henningia, Parantica vitrina, Zethera thermaea and Ragadia crohonica.

I'm delighted that I succeeded in capturing all four species, along with numerous other captivating butterflies during the trip. Reflecting on this rewarding journey, I look forward to returning to this region to discover and photograph more of its endemic butterfly wonders.

The endemic Gangara lebadea janlourensi from Samar island

The endemic Prothoe semperi from Leyte island

610 observations, 219 species :

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12 de abril de 2024

January 2024 - Northern Malaysian States

18-23 Jan 2024
A butterfly trip to Selangor, Kedah and Perlis with Soon Chye: 263 observations, 154 species and 97 butterfly species

Trogonoptera brookiana (Rajah Brooke's Birdwing) and Losaria doubledayi (Common Clubtail)

Thauria aliris (Tufted Jungle King) and Xanthotaenia busiris (Yellow Barred)

Ragadia makuta (Striped Ringlet), Lotongus calathus (White-tipped Palmer)

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