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20 de febrero de 2018

Fumitories of the San Francisco Bay Area

There are only 3 species of Fumaria listed in the Calflora plant search and the Jepson Herbarium:
Fumaria capreolata
Fumaria officinalis
Fumaria parviflora


Fumaria muralis is not listed in either database, although I see it growing in many parks and preserves in the South San Francisco Bay Area.

Here are my observations that have been identified as F. muralis:

Here are 5 more observations that occurred last year (and are lacking required data for identification) but are probably F. muralis as well:

Here is a link to blue_celery 's journal post on the subject:

********** References - for more info on F. muralis **********
One page in EOL shows 9 species of Fumaria, another page shows 38 species:

The EuroPlusMed database lists 50 species of Fumaria:

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