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18 de marzo de 2018

Fumaria muralis in the South SF Bay Area

I'm finding many populations of Fumaria muralis in the South San Francisco Bay Area. They seem to congregate near waterways. Some hot spots are: Sunnyvale Baylands, Ulistac Natural Area, Coyote Creek, Guadalupe Creek Trail, and Los Alamitos Creek Trail.

For Los Alamitos Creek and Guadalupe Creek, I've documented populations of 50+ plants at 0.25 mile intervals.

It's frustrating that the Jepson eFlora and Calflora do not recognize this species. It looks like one has to jump through all kinds of hoops to get it on the list of valid introduced species.

I sent vouchers to UC Davis herbarium and CDFA (California Dept. of Food and Agriculture) on 2018-03-02, but I haven't heard back from either of them.

I've added 10 observations of this species (each of which represents 50 or more plants) to Calflora so far, but the average user can't see them because this plant is not recognized by the Calflora database.

If anyone can tell me what hoops to jump through to get this plant entered into the Jepson key for Fumaria, please let me know. I tried to submit a specimen to the Jepson Herbarium, but they weren't interested in my "weeds" as they put it. Right now, many fumitories found in California are being incorrectly identified as Fumaria officinalus because F. muralis is not in the key.

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22 de marzo de 2018

Fumaria muralis

Ellen Dean, Curator, UC Davis Center for Plant Diversity confirmed that the specimen we sent them is, in fact, Fumaria muralis. The Assistant Curator keyed the plant in Flora Europaea and Flora Iberica and it went to Fumaria muralis. In the Jepson Manual, Vascular Flora of California, it would key to F. officinalis.

CALFLORA ADDED F. MURALIS (2018-03-29) added Fumaria muralis to its list of known flora in California. This should help people make the correct identification of this species in the future.

UPDATED WIKIPEDIA REFERENCE (2018-03-25 through 2018-04-01)
Updated the Wikipedia reference for Fumaria muralis with more details and replaced the main photo, which was of F. capreolata, not F. muralis. Added photos of leaves, corollas, and dried seeds to aid identification.


Fumaria muralis in the South SF Bay Area seem to congregate near waterways. Some hot spots are: Sunnyvale Baylands, Ulistac Natural Area, Coyote Creek, Guadalupe Creek and Los Alamitos Creek. It looks like there's an almost continuous population of F. muralis along several miles of Los Alamitos and Guadalupe Creeks.

VOUCHERS (2018-03-02)
Vouchers sent to UC Davis herbarium and California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) lab on 2018-03-02.


How many species of Fumitories are there in the world?

The EuroPlusMed database lists 50 species of Fumaria:

One page in the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) shows 9 species of Fumaria, another page shows 38 species:

The Calflora and Jepson eFlora databases list only 3 species of Fumaria:

Other References:


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