Bridget McCall

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Here to learn the names, needs, and wonders of my wild neighbors. They give me joy. They teach me. They humble me. As they so often take my breath away, they remind me to breathe. This is a small nod of gratitude to them.

While I currently work in public health, I studied city and regional planning as well as anthropology and sociology. I have worked in land use planning, housing, complete streets advocacy, food access, and Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) awareness.

If anyone on here ever needs a volunteer to help apply for a grant or to facilitate a community planning process/public engagement process, I'm more than happy to help! Don't be shy! I really do love people, too!

At heart, I'm a social scientist. Questions about how we make sense of and relate to our environment (and both the human and non-human life that entails) fascinate me. I love any discussion about iNaturalist as a tool in both qualitative and quantitative terms, and any questions considering equity will always have my full attention. I'm an advocate for the sovereignty, dignity, celebration, care, and respect for all bodies in every capacity.

Resounding thanks to every member of the iNat community for sharing their knowledge, curiosity, and interests! I learn so much from every contributor, and I am forever grateful for the patience of those who help me with identifications on here.

And of course, advanced credit to my good boy, Jeffrey, (see stray furry feet/the brindle blur) for not only facilitating many of my finds but for also finding patience for me each time I stop to take a closer look. Here's to looking a little closer.

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