Alexis Babayan

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I am an artist and naturalist. I am particularly interested in the weeds, wildflowers, and wild animals that manage to survive in the city. I am also a gardener, and am working on creating a native plant garden, so I have a special interest in germinating seeds and propagating plants (and learning what plants look like before their most distinctive flowering and fruiting phases.) I live with, and care for, my elderly grandmother in the house she has lived in for well over fifty years. This gives me a unique opportunity to study the history of this place.

I started the Backyard Pollinators Bay Area project to keep track of the insects and birds visiting flowering plants in my region, but I am an enthusiastic self-taught naturalist, not a trained expert, so I defer to others in difficult questions of identification.

I took the alias Alexis Amphibian on this site simply because I like the alliteration and because of my fondness for the slender salamanders that are abundant in our backyard.

If you are curious to see my (non-naturalist-related) artwork, check out my website at:

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