Charlotte Watson Sanders

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I have always loved science, biology, and nature. I started college in my mid-30's with a major in pre-med. Life often changes things. I did use my studies in sciences in a career as a Registered Sanitarian with the Texas Department of State Health Services. Thirty years after college graduation, I received info from a dear friend about the Master Naturalists' program. She thought I could use it with my love of nature photography. I had never heard of it but it did pique my interest. What a thrill!!! I received my certification from the East Texas Chapter of Master Naturalists in 2018. Now I am in citizen science. I did not miss my calling after all. What is meant to be...will be.

Through MN I found iNaturalist in classes presented by Tania Homayoun on Ornithology and Plant Taxonomy & ID presented by Sam Kieschnick. Who could not be excited about iNaturalist after hearing the two of them talk about it?!!!
I have so many different loves in science and nature that it is difficult for me to choose one in which to specialize. I am having too much fun and wonder looking at as much as I can. Plus, to see the ripple effect with my son, Tony, and daughter-in-law, Christina asking me what things are or sending me a photo via email to ID makes me so excited. This is simply my life, and I am loving it!

6/29/23 UPDATE: After being a part of iNaturalist a little over five years, I want to say how much I enjoy the website and interacting with fellow members. I have Learned So Much. I still claim to be a novice and when I read the profiles of many of you, I am in awe. I appreciate your assistance greatly. ~cas

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