Cole Burrow

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I'm a novice herpetology nerd, with snakes being my primary interest. My main focus historically has been herps of the US, but I am currently making effort to flesh out my base knowledge globally.

I find iNaturalist to be of immense use to me in everything from sharpening my identification skills to learning the dietary habits of obscure species. My primary goal here is to contribute by uploading my own observations, and by identifying the observations of others.

I am currently searching for spots with stable populations of Buttermilk Racers, Coluber constrictor anthicus. I will be collecting at least one male to send to an associate experienced with the subspecies who intends to aid in establishing a strong captive gene pool. I can promise that these snakes will not live their lives in drawers, and will likely become display animals which act as educational ambassador for their species. If anyone reading this may know of good locations where I can legally collect these snakes, preferably in and around Montgomery County TX or the Toldeo Bend Reservoir, I would appreciate any advice on the matter.

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