Carolyn Coyle

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I am an early-career wildlife biologist with a focus on ornithology and botany. At Oregon State University, under @aaronliston, I studied the pollination syndrome of Vine Maple, seeking to uncover if this deciduous tree is an insect obligate species or if Orange-crowned Warblers may play a role in its pollination.

I am now working as a PhD researcher at Colorado State University (PI: Dr. Liba Pejchar), funded by a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship on this very same work. I am thrilled to be expanding this plant-pollinator research to include a multitude of bird species across diverse geographies.

Through iNat, I am excited to connect with other like-minded naturalists, and I look forward to exploring the role of citizen science in advancing ecological knowledge!

Please visit my research website for more information about the Songbirds as Pollinators (SaP) Project:

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