Meg Madden

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Meg Madden is a Vermont native and lifelong nature lover. She is an amateur mycologist, community science advocate, and professional mushroom photographer.

Born out of a passion project, but fueled by the need for a better understanding of the fungal diversity in Vermont, Meg is on a mission to inventory and track distribution of macro fungi species in the state. Please consider joining/contributing to the iNaturalist project Fungi Of Vermont:

Meg's photographs may be found in a number of publications and in a growing body of exciting projects:

Her photo gallery can be found on her popular Instagram:

On her X (Twitter) account:

And on her Facebook page (this is also where she posts upcoming events!):

When not in the field photographing and cataloging fungi species, she enjoys teaching mycology workshops, iNaturalist trainings, giving presentations on the mushrooms of Vermont, and leading mushroom walks.

Meg's book, This Is A Book For People Who Love Mushrooms is out now!

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