Growth of iNaturalist in Philadelphia County

Ever since we did our bioblitz in April 2018, I've been curious to see what the growth of iNaturalist usage in Philly looks like. So I pulled some data together and made some graphs.

Cumulative totals

The following three graphs show the cumulative totals at the end of each month. You can see thye have been steadily climbing with occasional spurts that boost up the numbers We've seen a pretty strong growth since April of 2018.

Observations Added By Month

Observations Seen By Month

Some Other Fun Graphs

Monthly Statistics

The following three graphs show the total observations by month across the years. June has very high numbers mostly from this year due to the growth we've recently seen, so it's not very useful data, but still fun to look at.

Species Statistics

Graphs showing the distrubition of spcies acorss some iconic taxa.

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Another wonderful thing that comes from the increase of observations and species is the more detailed digital species guides:

Sortable by taxon too -- so far, here are the insects of Philadelphia County:

Keep it up!

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Thanks, Sam! I have to figure out some way to make some of that data into graphs now. On a related note, I was really surprised to see the Ovenbird sixth in the list of most observed species, but when I actually looked at the observations I realized most of them were actually dead specimens and part of the Window Strikes project.

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