RIP Old Lists

I've just finished going through and deleting most of my old lists. Now that the autofill function has been removed, they don't really make sense to keep up. I totally understand why the iNaturalist curators needed to do this. That function caused a lot of problems, and was buggy and archaic. Out with the old, in with the new.

Still, while it's a little embarrassing to admit, I might be the only user on iNaturalist who really enjoyed the old lists. I had lists for each of the continents, each country I'd visited, each state in the US, and each county within California. I had lifelists for many different sorts of organisms, from birds to sharks and rays to slime molds. I enjoyed tinkering with the lists and looking over them.

The new Dynamic Lifelist is an improvement, by all accounts. Most every other user likes it much better, and so I'm all in for it. To be honest, though, I don't get the same pleasure from it that I did from the old form of list. Maybe it will grow on me, now that it's what there is. I will miss, though, the familiar little squares, each filled with one of my poor quality photos, organized the way I wanted them.

This had to happen, and I know that. iNaturalist needs to be able to develop and expand, and the old lists and the autofill function were a drag on the system. Like I said, I'm all in. I'll miss futzing around with my lists while I drink my coffee in the morning, though. That's all. RIP old lists. I'll remember you fondly, even if no one else will.

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Futzing with lists is still possible! They just won't autofill any more. And I suspect a good number of folks enjoy them.

Publicado por tiwane hace más de 3 años

I admire both your attitude and remembrance of small things.

Publicado por muir hace más de 3 años

Thanks, @Muir!

@tiwane: Thanks Tony. That's true, and note that I said I deleted most, not all, of the lists. I haven't given up on futzing entirely. :) Trying to manually add things to all the lists I had just isn't really feasible. It's no big deal, though.

Publicado por jmaughn hace más de 3 años

I thought I was going to miss having my own photos populate the images in my remaining lists, but then I saw the "And-now-we're-going-to-eat-YOUR-liver" stock photo of Canada Geese, and that made it all okay.

Publicado por jmaughn hace más de 3 años

I fully agree with you. I would often look at my county and country lists, remember different outings, and get inspired to visit new places that were missing from my county list collection.

One question though....In the new life list, the footer bar takes up nearly half my screen. It is incredibly frustrating when the displayed photos are rather large. Do you know if there is a way to shrink or remove it?

Publicado por rjadams55 hace más de 3 años

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