Day 21 Ash me no Questions.

.3 still very icy. In the 20s with threat of snow tonight. Windless. Still flocks of robins around, just smaller than 2 days ago. So started to learn about ash trees today. Their bark pattern can have me fooled as I have seen some other trees with it. This specimen was about 30 feet, (I am terrible at tree heights) growing between the sidewalk and the street. I first noticed what I am now thinking are vestiges of berries. As I read about white versus green ash they talk about the C vs D shaped leaf scars. I will have to learn what I am looking at to even tell. The emerald ash borer is killing these trees at an alarming rate. It has spread to Maine. The samaras are good forage for the wood duck, northern bobwhite, purple finch, pine grosbeak, fox squirrel, and mice, and many other birds and small mammals, A samara is just a seed with a wing. Maple and ash are two trees with samaras.

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