Day 22 Mole Skin

snowing lightly, 28, 1.3 miles
I remember when Twin Ponds was reached by a trail. Now an upscale neighborhood. As winter progresses, birds are being driven to feeder, and available food lessens. Found one stalk of Great Mullein, and found it an interesting study. A plant that grows in waste places where not much else is growing. it does not tolerate shade, but does tolerate poor soil, acidic or basic. "Mullein" itself derives from the French word for "soft" While it can also grow in areas where some vegetation already exists, growth of the rosettes on bare soil is four to seven times more rapid.[10]The seeds maintain their germinative powers for decades, up to a hundred years, according to some studies.[56] Because of this, and because the plant is an extremely prolific seed bearer (each plant produces hundreds of capsules, each containing up to 700+ seeds,[19] with a total up to 180,000[9][10] or 240,000[12] seeds), it remains in the soil seed bank for extended periods of time, and can sprout from apparently bare ground,[10] or shortly after forest fires long after previous plants have died.[12] Its population pattern typically consists of an ephemeral adult population followed by a long period of dormancy as seeds.[The seeds are generally too small for birds to feed on,[11] although the American goldfinch has been reported to consume them.[58] Other bird species have been reported to consume the leaves (Hawaiian goose)[59] or flowers (palila),[60] or to use the plant as a source when foraging for insects (white-headed woodpecker).[61] Additionally, deer and elk eat the leaves.

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Gordolobo Común (Verbascum thapsus)




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1 meter high single stalk with seed head, broken. Portion of seed head removed for better photos. No additional stalks visible in area. Snow cover about 6 inches.


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