6th Anacostia Bioblitz Results

The 6th Anacostia River Bioblitz results are in:

-373 people engaged (both in person and virtual participation), the highest to date!
-2945 observations, also the highest number in 6 years!
-840 species, a little down from the last couple of years but this could be due to weather conditions affecting species activity since this has been the latest in the fall bioblitz so far.
-330 identifiers! this is also a record for our bioblitz so far! Huge thanks to all the iNaturalist community for helping identify our observations.
-Bird species: 58
-Amphibian species: 4
-Reptiles: 7
-Fish: 23
-Mollusks: 10
-Insects: 207
-Plants: 372
-Fungi: 95
-Protozoa: 1

Some records set in terms of the number of species observed:

-13 mammal species
-35 arachnid species

You can browse through the photos/data on the project page here: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/6th-anacostia-river-bioblitz

Once again thank you very much for a very successful bioblitz in the Anacostia watershed!

Jorge Bogantes Montero
Anacostia Watershed Society

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